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Content and Trigger Warning Guide: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Content and Trigger Warning Guide: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Note: This guide may contain spoilers.

Synopsis: A meek Hobbit from the Shire and eight companions set out on a journey to destroy the powerful One Ring and save Middle-earth from the Dark Lord Sauron. (Source: IMDb)

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Estimated Self-Censored Rating Using Full Guide: PG-13 for frightening scenes and some character designs that may be upsetting to young viewers.

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Content Warnings

  • Blood* (14)
    • Dried blood is visible on the king’s head after he is thrown against a rock at 3:46.
    • Isildur is seen dead, floating in a stream, the camera pans out to see his blood-soaked body covered in arrows 4:58-5:03.
    • Gandalf and Saruman fight from 42:15- 43:06, blood is seen on their faces as the fight progresses.
    • A small patch of dried blood is visible on Gandalf’s head from 1:05:48-1:06:03.
    • Frodo’s stab wound is visibly open and infected 1:09:05-1:09:10.
    • Arwen hits a tree branch and gets a small scrape on her cheek that is visible periodically from 1:10:45-1:13:25 and is bleeding slightly.
    • There is a line of blood down Gandalf’s face from 1:15:00-1:15:13.
    • Boromir minorly cuts his finger on a blade 1:23:26-1:23:30.
    • There is a small squirt of blood when an orc’s head is cut off from 1:57:21-1:57:23.
    • There is a trail of blood on Boromir’s face 2:00:40-2:00:43, and is visible periodically 2:10:45.
    • A bloody orc is seen 2:20:13-2:20:16.
    • Blood is shown coming out of Boromir’s arrow wound at 2:39:33-2:39:40.
    • Aragons face and mouth are bloodied at 2:41:48. He remains bloody until  2:44:20.
    • Boromir is bleeding out of arrow wounds and on his face from 2:41:57- 2:44:20.

*Note: Most blood is shown under a blue filter and is not a bright red color, and it is not graphic.

  • Graphic Violence* (8)
    • A gloved hand is cut off and lies on screen from 3:54-4:01. There is no blood or gore. This scene is replayed at 1:21:24-1:21:33.
    • There is a battle scene from 1:56:50 – 2:00:49 where multiple enemies are stabbed, hit with arrows, and killed by the Fellowship. 
      • An orc’s head is cut off 1:57:21-1:57:23.
      • Frodo is stabbed in the chest at 1:59:41. We see the spear in him at 2:00:18 as he falls over. However he is wearing armor underneath so it does not penetrate. 
    • An arrow hits an orc square in the head, 2:05:10-2:05:13.
    • There is a battle from 2:35:35-2:41:50 where multiple endimes are stabbed, hit with arrows, and killed by the Fellowship. Most of the members of the Fellowship are slightly injured with Boromir being shot with arrows and he dies of his wounds.
      • Boromir is shot in the shoulder with an arrow at 2:38:51 and in the stomach at 2:39:18. He is shot a third time at 2:40:00, the arrows remain lodged in him as he falls and succumbs to his injuries at 2:44:20.
      • An orc’s arm is cut off, is stabbed in the stomach, and his head is cut off at 2:41:35-2:41:50. No blood is shown.

*Note: None of the violence is extremely graphic or contains gore. 

This guide was completed by Mackenzie Marrow, a Content Reviewer in Lincoln, Nebraska.


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