Idaho Falls, ID

Services and Rates


  • Script Reading – Partial or full draft, produced or unproduced, I will thoughtfully read your script and give the best feedback possible. I will never tell you that something about your script is bad or wrong, I will simply ask questions to get you thinking.
  • Sensitivity Reading – As a disabled, Hispanic female, I have a lot of life experiences that others might not. I won’t speak for others in communities that I am a part of because individuals make up a community but a community is not one individual. I will gladly read your script and give feedback about characters and situations for which you might not have lived experiences.
  • Production Dramaturgy – With almost two dozen projects in my pocket I am well-versed in production dramaturgy and can offer consulting during rehearsals and deliverables such as actor’s packets, study guides, a lobby display, and more.

Theater Education

  • Private Acting Coaching – I am not an actor, but I am a director. Acting coaching through a director’s eyes? Who better than a director to help you prep for auditions, develop your skills, and answer any questions about the audition or production process that you might have?
  • Guest Speaking/Workshops – Are you an educator, program director, or podcast host? I am able to speak on a variety of arts topics in an interview or workshop format.
  • Theater Classes and Camps – Theater classes and camps that I have developed and taught include youth reader’s theater summer camp, storytelling and basic acting skills camp, movement, and playwriting. Reach out today and we’ll work together to see if I can develop the ideal class or camp for your needs.

Content Creation

I’ve been handling my own marketing for my small business for a couple of years now and I’d love to work with you to see what we could do together to grow your business.

  • Social Media Marketing
    • Graphic Designs Completed Using Canva
    • Familiar with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube
    • No TikTok
  • Email Marketing
    • Regularly Scheduled Newsletters
    • Special Campaigns
  • Web Content Writing
    • Contract Must be Signed Prior to Delivery of Article
    • Previous Writing Topics include Theater, Parenting, and Self-Care


Regardless of what field you work in, I’d love to help you secure the job or clients that would help you feel the most fulfilled.

  • Job Applications
    • Proofread and Edit Resumes and Cover Letters
    • Write Professional Bios for Marketing Materials
  • Web Design and SEO
    • Design for New Websites (WordPress Only)
    • Redesign Existing Sites (WordPress Only)
    • Review Your Website for SEO and Provide Suggestions for Improvement
  • New Play Festival and Workshop Applications
    • Format Your Script to Festival/Opportunity Requirements
    • Feedback on Artist Statement and Other Submission Materials


Because of the varying nature of the services offered, specific rate information will be provided upon request. Individual quotes and estimates may differ from the standard rates listed below. Contact for more information.

Rates Chart