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The Jester’s New Play Development

The Jester’s New Play Development

The last in-person theatre production that I was able to work on was in December 2019. Here we are a year and a half later and The Jester opens in Provo, UT in one week! Even though I don’t live in Utah anymore, I have been able to work on this show remotely with virtual rehearsal and production meeting attendance and emailing deliverables to the producer and director. There’s something interesting about my first in-person production still being a remote job for me, but I’m grateful for the opportunity no matter how it presents itself.

New works are my passion as a dramaturg. I love seeing new scripts brought to life on stage. It’s always fun to produce the classics, but it’s important to remember that the classics were once new works too. They didn’t become classics by being passed over for the classics of their time. The Jester is a really fun and fascinating script and I’m very appreciative that the Corral de la Cruz Company trusted me enough to hire me as the dramaturg for this premiere production of this new script.

Much like the performances of a jester, playwrights and other artists work through many iterations of their work. This premiere production is just one of the many versions that have existed of The Jester. This is a performance of version 5.0 of The Jester, and the best part of working on new works is understanding that draft 5.0 will very possibly not be the final version of this script. New works are in development long past the first production.

Tips for Producing New Works

For anyone who is interested in working on the production of a new work (in any capacity: producer, director, dramaturg, actors, etc), here are a few things you may want to remember/consider.

  1. New works are real works. They don’t require or deserve less effort than published works or works that have been previously produced.
  2. The playwright could be present through rehearsals. Be kind. This work is their baby.
  3. A dramaturg may available via email, text, or rehearsal attendance. Ask questions.
  4. All performance requires collaboration. New works require more. The goal is to put a never-before-performed production on stage. That isn’t a one-person job.
  5. It is the responsibility of everyone in the show to get the word out about the show. New works don’t have the same pull as recognized works. Be excited about the show so that others will be excited too.

The Jester runs on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from June 21 to July 3 at Canyon Glen Park in Provo, UT. Get your tickets online and follow Corral de la Cruz on Facebook!

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