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Getting Back in the Groove

Getting Back in the Groove

For the First Time in Forever

My daughter is currently obsessed with Frozen and while I could go a very long time between now and hearing “Let it Go” again, there is one song that applies to me right now. For the first time in forever, I went to a production meeting last week! I’m going to be honest, I’m a little embarrassed. My first production in over a year and I was 10 minutes late. It’s going to take a lot for me to get back in the groove of things as theatre begins to open back up and I begin to find work again. The production I’m working on is titled The Jester.

Making Distance Work

The Jester will perform at the end of June into early July in Provo, UT. I’m currently based out of Idaho, which will make for a very interesting production process. Everyone else involved with the production is in or around Utah County. I will be working remotely on the project: zooming into rehearsals and emailing in deliverables as they are ready. Since this is my first project in over a year, I’m dipping my toes back into the water slowly. I have always had a bit of imposter syndrome in the back of my mind, so coming back slowly is good. For this project, I’ll be attending production meetings and rehearsals, leading a rehearsal workshop, and writing a production study guide.

From This Point On

I am excited to write behind-the-scenes and production updates to post as I get back in the groove. We’re about five weeks out from the production, so hopefully, I will get a few posts here for you by then. One thing you can count on is the production study guide. It will be available in print for audience members through the run of the production and posted here the week before the show opens. I hope you enjoy it!


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