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Content and Trigger Warning Guide: Hereditary

Content and Trigger Warning Guide: Hereditary

Note: This guide may contain spoilers.

Synopsis: A grieving family is haunted by tragic and disturbing occurrences. (Source: IMDb)

MPAA Rating: R

Estimated Self-Censored Rating Using Full Guide: PG-13

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Content Warnings

  • Nudity/Sexual Content (6)
    • A miniature diorama featuring a woman exposing her breast to breastfeed is shown at 0:13:00.
    • A naked man (full frontal nudity) is shown standing in the doorway from 1:52:42-1:53:01.
    • Several naked people (full body) are placed subtly in the backgrounds of shots in the final 15 minutes of the film. 
    • A group of three people are seen standing naked in the attic at 1:56:13 for about 2 seconds.
    • More nude cultists are shown for about 6 seconds at 1:58:05.
    • From 1:58:49 to the end of the film, there are several naked people hunched over in the treehouse. 
  • Blood (2)
    • Peter is briefly possessed and bashes his own face into his desk at school, breaking his nose during 1:37:55-1:38:42. Peter spends the remainder of the film with blood on his shirt from this incident. 
    • Blood spurts from Annie’s neck at 1:55:49-1:56:12 as she saws through it.
  • Graphic Violence (12)
    • Charlie sticks her head out the window of the car to get more air during her allergic reaction at 0:33:13. Peter swerves to avoid hitting a deer in the road, and Charlie’s head hits a telephone pole, decapitating her. Nothing is shown after 0:33:35.
    • Charlie’s decapitated head is shown at 37:34. 
    • Annie creates a diorama of Charlie’s death scene from 0:55:12-0:56:07. 
    • Peter sees an apparition of Charlie in which her head falls off again at 1:27:16, though it’s revealed to just be a ball having fallen off his shelf.
    • Annie finds the headless body of her mother in the attic at 1:36:35-1:37:18.
    • Steve catches on fire and burns to death at 1:46:31. Scene ends at 1:46:47.
    • Steve’s charred body is seen at 1:51:34 and shown a few more times until Peter exits the living room.
    • Annie bangs her head on the attic door repeatedly for about 6 seconds at 1:53:31.
    • From 1:55:12-1:56:28, Annie saws her own head off with a piano wire. 
    • Annie’s headless corpse floats up into the treehouse from 1:57:12-1:57:22.
    • Charlie’s decapitated head is shown mounted on a statue at 1:59:34 and is periodically seen in the background of the scene until the end of the film. The decapitated bodies of her mother and grandmother are seen below. 

Trigger Warnings

  • Domestic/Child Abuse (3)
    • Annie tells a story about a time she almost killed her children while sleepwalking at 0:52:58-0:54:28.
    • At 0:57:13, Annie yells at Peter and blames him for Charlie’s death. The fight lasts until 0:59:33.
    • Annie forces a frightened Peter to participate in a seance against his will at 1:17:48.
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse (4)
    • Peter smokes a bong in his bedroom from 0:23:01-0:23:36.
    • Peter and some other teenagers smoke weed at 0:30:56.
    • Peter and his friends smoke more weed between 0:42:08-0:43:22. Peter has a panic attack and is unable to breathe. 
    • Steve takes a large dose of sleeping pills at 1:24:43.
  • Animal Abuse (3)
    • A bird collides with a window at 0:14:12 and dies. Its body is seen at 0:15:36 and its head is snipped off with scissors by Charlie at 0:15:54.
    • Charlie uses the bird’s head for crafts at 0:23:40 and carries it around for a while afterwards. 
    • The family dog is seen dead in the backyard at 1:57:54.
  • Miscarriage/Abortion (1)
    • Annie tells Peter she tried to have a miscarriage instead of giving birth to him at 1:11:50-1:12:45.
  • Self-Harm/Suicide (4)
    • Annie talks about her brother’s suicide during a support group at 0:20:00-0:23:00.
    • Annie sobs about wanting to die at 0:37:51-0:38:17.
    • Peter slaps himself in the face at 1:55:03 to “wake himself” from a dream.
    • Peter leaps out the attic window and falls to his death at 1:56:16.
  • Slurs (1)
    • Once use of “retarded.”

This guide was completed by Cam Cope, a film student at Colorado Film School.


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