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An Escape from Reality

An Escape from Reality

Everyone has their own way of escaping from reality. For some people it is reading a book. For others it is watching a movie or going to see a play. One thing that is always an escape is going to sleep. When your consciousness is gone, your subconscious comes out to play. You can dream as soon as you fall asleep, but your most vivid dreams occur during REM, when your brain is most active. Can we control what we dream? Why do we dream the way we do? There are so many different stories about dreams and dreamscapes. One of the most famous, and DAM Good Productions’ upcoming project, is A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare.

With the world in its current state, who doesn’t want a chance to escape for just a little bit? DAM Good Productions is an up and coming theater company based out of Provo, UT. In an effort to bring light and merriment to an ever darkening world, founder Daniel Mesta has gathered a lively group of dreamers who are ready to bring some hope to the world. DAM Good Productions’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream: An Audio Drama will not be a visual performance. As indicated in the title, it will be available for streaming in only an audio format. This is my first dramaturgy project in this format, and I am looking forward to this new experience.

Radio dramas became widely popular in the 1920s and remained so until the invention of the television in the 50s. While many people today do not choose radio dramas as their primary form of entertainment, they do still exist. Since visuals are not relevant in this format of entertainment, the focus is left on the dialogue, music, and sound effects leaving the audience to use their imagination and create the visuals in their mind. Sound familiar? It’s sort of like having a communal, while still very personal, dream. In a time where we cannot create art in person with each other, this is a perfect format to provide the escape that many of us are looking for.

DAM Good Productions presents,
A Midsummer Night’s Dream: An Audio Drama
Coming soon to audio streaming near you!


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